In journalism school, I was taught to always report the 5 W’s and the H- the who, what, where, how and why of a story, so here we go. I am Bob Greenspan, photographer. I photograph the built, and once and a while the natural environment. I photograph buildings, things, people, and whatever else captures my interest. Day, night, it doesn’t matter. Some of my favorite images are from the wee hours of the night. I'm based in Kansas City, but I’ll go anywhere for the right image, sometimes driving 12 hours for a 30 minute shoot to areas not reached by airlines. How do I do it, besides all the technical stuff that nobody wants to read about, I simply do it by seeing things in a different way, and putting it on film, or digits, or paper. I do all this because I love to show others things they may never see, or never see in a different way. Also, I photograph to collect and relive experiences.